Call That Girl's Guide to Remote Support

Add remote support to your service line and increase your income

If you are a computer repair owner and looking to add on remote support as a service line, this 34 page guide is an excellent resource to getting started. The author Lisa Hendrickson owns a successful computer helpdesk company and created this manual from experience.

In this 60 page guide you will learn…

•Step by step instructions on how to add remote support as a new service line to your business
•Learn customer service tips that help you land more clients and get new referrals
•Checklists for proper setup
•Setting up your remote tools
•Up-sell opportunities
•Expand your client base to outside your area
•How to work with virus removals remotely (even with no internet connection)
•Examples and stories from real client calls
•Earn your cost back in 1 or 2 remote support jobs
•Marketing tips
•22 point and 10 point checklist for full and express cleanings
Keep in mind, doing remote support well is not about how technicial you are or how fast you are, but how well you do the entire service call from start to finish. This eBook was not created to be a technical manual for remote support, although there are tips on how to do it. This is eBook is a business manual with technical tips included.
About The Second Edition:
This second edition of Call That Girl’s Guide to Remote Support was written because of the feedback and questions I received from the early readers of the First Edition. Based on this feedback, the second edition includes the following changes and improvements:
•A more outlined guideline of customer service tips and tricks to help you understand and start utilizing these tips immediately
•Description of why customer service is a key factor in servicing remote client
•To learn what tools work best at effectively
•To learn how to troubleshoot remotely without having a computer on your bench
•How to add remote support to your service line and servicing your clients in a more affordable manner

Thank you!!! I am inspired by your success. I do a lot of remote support at work (I am like an assistant with more responsibility). I have wanted to add remote services to my business model (On Call PC Solutions) but I have never got around to doing it, because I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it. Anyway, I heard you on PODNUTZ and read about you on Technibble. Bryce is going remote!!! And I asked a couple of my customers what they thought about it, and they seemed to think it would be a good idea too (these are also my end users at work who I remote with anyway). I am looking forward to eating this book up and using your methods as a template. Anyway, thank you for making this material available. Richard Ashby “On Call PC Solution”
“The Call That Girl Remote Support eBook really made me think twice about Remote Support. I decided to open a dedicated remote support company and using the business practices of an already successful company, The Laptop Medics has now grown to five staff in two locations. I would highly recommend the Remote Support Guide if you’re looking to seriously get into over-the-internet support. I know my business wouldn’t be the same and I wouldn’t have grown as much if it weren’t for Lisa’s book. Jon May, The Laptop Medics
When I heard that Lisa had written a book on remote support, I knew that I had to have it. From the moment that I bought the book, I began to read it and was amazaed at how much info was in there. I thought that I had everything in place for remote support but Lisa has shown me so much to remote support that I never even considered! From insurances, to conversation topics to software suggestions, I loved the book and I love Lisa’s passion for what she does! She is an inspiration! Thank you Lisa!! Jon Campbell Online Geek
Chapter Outline
Who this book is for
About The Second Edition
Introduction and General Information

•Why remote support is awesome
•Questions for you
•Remote support jobs you can do
•Extend your client base outside of your community

•Remote support rate guidelines
•Pricing guidelines
•The bigger checklist: insurance, website pages, ticket system, collecting payments
•Marketing tips
•Setting up your remote tools
•Test it, test it, and test it!
•Affiliates we partner with
•Appointment information
•How to deal with refunds
•Chit chat that leads to up sell opportunities
•Miscellaneous information
Technical Work

•The technical clients
•Tips about data
•The Kiss Theory-keep it simple silly
•Key learning opportunities
•How to deal with computer crashes and glitches
•How to deal with issues you cannot fix remotely
•When do you throw in the towel?
•How to deal with the call back client
Virus Chapters

•Figuring out what method to use
•If their internet does not work
•If their internet now works in safe mode
•If their internet does not work in safe mode
•Virus removal instructions once connected
•Argh! The virus is back!
•Call That Girl’s virus removal policy
•Notes for our clients
•Virus removal information
•Reminders about your products purchased (for clients)
•Notes about viruses! (For clients)
•Express cleaning for viruses
•22 Point computer cleaning checklist $75 (our price)
•10 Point computer cleaning checklist aka express cleaning
•Closing thoughts

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